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“Labor Is Under Attack!”

“There’s a War On The Workers”

Unions face agenda-driven politicians and pundits who view organized labor as an angry talking point instead of “the faces and energy that make government and business work everyday.”


Going back to 1981, President Ronald Regan fired striking air-traffic controllers, launching an onslaught on trade unions and workers.


Under successive administrations, labor laws were challenged.  The critical turning point against the rights of labor came to a head when Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker launched his campaign to undo collective bargaining for public employees.  Countless Governors and Mayors followed with different variations on the same economic recklessness.

Despite court orders against the contrary, Civilianization still causes havoc for New York City – with non-clerical and uniformed personnel taking union jobs…at a great cost to the people that live and work in this great city.

Contracting out remains a battle that DC 37 must continue to fight.